Standard Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. All images remain the property of Two Little Wrens Photography, which includes copyright rights. 

  2. All images are for private use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Should you require commercial use of images, please contact us.

  3. For promotional & advertising purposes, Two Little Wrens Photography has the right to upload professionally edited client photographs to the Official Two Little Wrens Photography Website (, our sister site - Whimsical Dreams Photography (, the Two Little Wrens Photography Facebook Page (, Social Media Apps (Instagram & Twitter) and Blogging Website Medium (

  4. Professionally Edited Photographs may not be re-edited using any editing programs (Adobe Photoshop, etc). 

  5. Original photographs may only be edited if used for personal use (screen saver etc). 

  6. Professionally Edited Photographs may be uploaded to social networking websites with correct crediting (' Two Little Wrens Photography ' or link to )

  7. USB drives can be used to make prints and or copies of professionally edited photographs, however they cannot be sold in any case. 

  8. Final images will be chosen Two Little Wrens Photography. 

  9. Only Professionally Edited Photographs will be released. 

  10. Unedited photographs will not be made available. 

  11. Only the agreed number of Professionally Edited Photographs will be released. 

  12. You understand that Professionally Edited Photographs can take anywhere between 1 and 8 weeks to edit depending on the photo shoot.

  13. Clients who wish to cancel their photo shoot (this excludes Wedding shoots), will need to provide notice 24 hours prior to the shoot for a full refund. Should notice be give within 24 hours of the photo shoot, no refund will be offered.

  14. Should a client wish to cancel their Wedding booking, a minimum 7 days notice (prior to the wedding date) is required. Customers who have paid in full and provide adequate notice (a minimum of 7 days) will receive 70% of their upfront payment as a refund.  If notice be given within 7 days of the wedding date, then no refund will be offered. Customers who have paid a 30 % deposit and then opt to cancel their booking, will not be eligible for a refund. 

  15. Clients who do not attend their photoshoot (i.e. "no shows"), will forfeit their payment. No refunds will be offered.