Top Tips to preparing for your photoshoot

Be well rested and fed


This seems like an obvious one, but having a restful sleep the night before is absolutely essential to feeling fresh for your photo shoot. For families, ensure that when you book your photo shoot that it doesn't interfere with children's nap times. We also encourage bringing along children's favorite snacks and drinks, especially for the little ones who need to keep up the energy! Just be mindful that if you bring chocolate or colored items, they could show on children's teeth, so definitely avoid anything that stains!


Leave plenty of time to get ready


When setting your alarm, factor in the time it will take you to have breakfast, showers, grooming, getting dressed, and travel. This allows you to be prepared well before your photo shoot so you aren't rushing around beforehand. We would like you to feel relaxed and happy when arriving for your photo session! Check google maps for travel time and all plenty of time for traffic. Arriving a little earlier is much better than running late!


Groom for your photo session


We all want to look our absolute best in photographs, so having neat hair and makeup is an absolute must. A subtle application of makeup can go a long way, to reduce any oil shine or covering any blemishes, makes a big difference in photographs. For women, having a little splash of colour, such as a red or pink lipstick, or blush, can accentuate facial features. And for men, having well-groomed facial hair is necessary to avoid any wirey stray hairs in photographs.


Dress for show


This is a common question for most people before photo sessions - what do I wear? The best answer we can give is dress for comfort, but don't forget style. For example, if you were going to wear your best pair of jeans, you could team it with a pretty blouse. Soft tones (pastel, light brown, cream, light blue, etc) suit jeans very well. If you're opting for a dress, floral, or even bold colors look fantastic.

If you're dressing for a family session, try to coordinate your colors as much as possible (but don't match too closely!). And don't forget the little details, such as dress shoes, high heels, or pretty flats. Subtle jewelry is best, so not to distract from your natural beauty! For men, button up shirts or polo shirts always look stylish in photographs.

As for children, dress them for comfort, as photo shoots can range from one to two hours. Cute dresses, jeans, polos, overalls, pretty hairbands, clips etc, all look gorgeous in photographs. For babies, you may want to bring a favourite toy to include in photographs (and helps settle cries).


Pack your bag ready for all situations


During photo shoots makeup can fade a little, so please bring your lipsticks and a concealer in case you need to touch up. Another important tip, for both men and women, is to moisturize, and pluck any stray hairs from your eyebrows. If you have booked a summer session, wearing sunscreen is important for everyone (especially children!) - no one wants to see a red Rudolph nose in photographs!

When packing your bags, bring bobby pins in case of a windy day, tissues, makeup removing wipes, makeup, and a hairbrush/comb. You may want to bring changes of clothes in case of weather changes.

Parents, bring plenty of items to groom and clean your children - especially wet wipes! Have a couple of changes of clothes in case of emergencies for the little ones. 


Relax and enjoy your photoshoot!